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Testimonials of Chiropractic Care in Rochester, MN

"I'm walking today because of Dr. Sands. I'm fully convinced I'd barely be able to move if it weren't for his professional expertise in working with my feet. Furthermore, I'm able to easily sit up straight and carry myself upright without pain and better posture than I've had for years. He has also worked on my wrists. They are completely pain free and stronger than ever. I recommend him to all who hurt."
Pam B.
"I spent over one year with problems with my stomach and gallbladder. Even with surgical removal of my gallbladder (which was not working), I continued to have problems. After a few treatments I was seeing great improvements. After one month of treatments, I quit taking all medicine for GERD. I have been symptom free for five months now. Without Dr. Sands I'... Read more
Katie S.
"For about 10 years, starting in the late 1980s, I had recurrent back pain. I began seeing traditional chiropractors in the late 1990s. They would “crack” my lower back and relieve pain, but the adjustments wouldn't last and a week to 10 days later, I'd be back in their office. And it was expensive! Then in 2000, I noticed Dr. Sands' ad in the Yellow Pages. I saw that he had ... Read more
Ken H.
"When I came to Precision Chiropractic Center I was in so much pain in my back - I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't walk at all. Dr. Sands has helped me a lot. I had to get out of housekeeping in the hotels. Too much bending and lifting. I owe Dr. Sands a lot. I don't know what would of happened to me if I wouldn't have come to see Dr. Sands my whole life has changed for ... Read more
Joan M.
"While I was working at a grocery store, I'd stock shelves and the lifting of fairly heavy boxes put my back out. It was sciatica and lower back pain. A friend knew an individual who went to Precision Chiropractic Center and referred me. After a year and a half of constant pain sitting, standing or laying down, and having to sort of fall out of bed to land on my hands and ... Read more
Jean S.
"My first experience with chiropractors was in 1981. It was temporary with no real “plan”. It continued on and off (only sought out when I had severe symptoms). So, after receiving massages regularly and hearing of this NUCCA program of non-twisting chiropractors I had to see if there was anything different about it. Without a doubt there is! And that is not even including the ... Read more
Vonnie T.
"I didn't believe in chiropractors until I came here. I couldn't walk very well and now I feel better with every visit. My allergies don't bother me, I walk without pain and I feel like a new person. Thanks you so much!"
C. C.